Our Mission

Children will have access to reading material.

Children will live in a literate environment both at home and at school.

Literacy will be an entrée out of poverty.

Literacy is a social justice issue that fosters understanding, equity, and peace.

Our Vision

It all starts with a book.

"Some of my fondest memories of childhood involve a book... The more I read, the more I learned about the world around me, which helped me become a better citizen and a better person."

- Mary Alice Demler, Honorary, Chair 2010, WGRZ TV
Chair, Author-a-Future

“...children can escape into their imaginations and just read for pleasure.”

- Barbara Bontempo, Professor of English
Chair, Author-a-Future

I find it so unfortunate that many children aren’t able to build a foundation of literacy, or love of reading, simply because they don’t have books available to them. That’s why I’m so proud to support the initiatives of Project Flight – and hope you will do the same.” 

- Marv Levy, Football Hall of Fame
Chair, Author-a-Future

Project FLIGHT is a not-for-profit organization devoted to promoting literacy in children and caregivers, through school and family literacy initiatives. It works collaboratively with practitioners, schools, community organizations and businesses locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally to achieve its objectives.