Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Literacy Initiative (2004-to present)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Literacy Initiative (2004-to present).  In promoting literacy for New York children, New York State and the Governor's Office, in partnership with Project Flight, established the Martin Luther King literacy drive, in 2004 that was held in New York City, Albany, and Buffalo, representing the 3 areas of the state.  For this literacy drive, all state agencies were asked to collect new books for children.  All books and monies donated during the MLK literacy drive are distributed to children in the 3 areas noted.  In each area, Project Flight along with the representatives of the school district selecte the recipient school most in need. In the spirit of Dr. King, Project Flight and the New York State Martin Luther King commemoration committee asked the question, “Why is reading important, and how does it change people’s lives?”  Dr. Martin Luther King always emphasized the importance of reading, and education.  He talks about being judged by the “…content of your mind, not by the color of your skin.” The importance of reading cannot be overstated.