The Cecilia Bard Multicultural Library for Peace

Project Flight founded in 2004 an on-going special book collection that fosters peace for the E.H. Butler Library. The library receives approximately 500 volumes a year, including scholarly, adult, reference, and children’s books that include groups such as African-American, Asian, Latino, African, Arab, Caribbean, Native American; various religious denominations such as Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, etc., and books on special constituencies, such as women, for the creation of the Cecilia Bard Multicultural Library for Peace. This special collection of over 7,000 volumes now worth $129,000 is available to anyone in Western New York . The collection was named after Dr. Bard’s mother who died an untimely death. According to Dr. Bard, these books, “…will improve students’ lives, and provide a way for them to appreciate the beautiful mosaic that makes up world cultures; these books also offer pathways for students to discover a common ground for unity and peace as well as respect for their differences. “ The creation of this collection also aids the college, the largest teacher-education institution in the state, in addressing 3 issues of importance: the New York State Standards for Education, and for the National Certification, Accreditation for Teacher Education Programs (N-CATE) and Middle States accreditation process for the college.